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We could write the collection of articles about various development strategy, the correct attack and effective defense. But we managed to make something bigger, we managed to materialize our experience in AltaBot – the bot which has been recognized by the game community as the best for Lords and Knights © Xyrality.

AltaBot will become your right hand in empire management. It is convenient, flexible and reliable. It is secure and cannot be detected by other players.

Also, AltaBot is not an artificial intelligence which kills interest in the game by its uncontrolled growth and continuous fighting. AltaBot will never replace the person and is effective as long as you are managing it. We'll always be true this ideology.

There is a wish to express words of sincere gratitude to those who support us and help to make AltaBot better. Due to your energy AltaBot is constantly evolving and moving forward. "From fans to fans" – for sure characterizes our game community.

Let good luck and success attend us in a game!
Dmitry D. (founder and chief developer)

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