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Quick Start

It is very simple to begin work with AltaBot. It is enough to do some simple steps that take's few minutes:

  1. Registration
  2. Game’s accounts addition in a personal area
  3. Bot installation
  4. Bot connection to game accounts
  5. Program start


Open the web site In the left top corner of the page click the link Create account (Picture 1).

Picture 1. Creation of the account on the site

Fill in the registration form (Picture 2).

Picture 2. Registration form

After completing the form to specified e-mail address will be send message with an activation link. Follow this link to activate your account.

The e-mail address you have specified will be used for access to balance, recovery of the password and communication with service of technical support.

Game's accounts addition in a personal area

Go to the tab Subscriptions and press button Add (Picture 3). In the window that appears, enter the email address of the game account.

It is required to enter the e-mail address by which you enter the game. It is not required to specify its password in a personal area.

Picture 3. Game's account addition

The column Expiration displays the expiration date of the subscription. The subscription is absolutely free within 10 days after registration on the site. For further using AltaBot, it is necessary to renew the subscription (see section Subscription renewal).

Bot installation

In a personal area click the link Download at the top of the page (Picture 4)

Picture 4. Bot's downloading

AltaBot is available in two options:

  1. Installation package
  2. Portable edition

Choose the suitableoption for you and click the link Download.

If you have selected the installation package, just run the downloaded file and follow the instructions of the wizard. Once the installation is completed, AltaBot will be ready for use. On the desktop and in the Start menu will be created shortcuts for easily launch.

If you have selected a portable edition, unzip the downloaded archive into any convenient folder on your hard disk and run the AltaBot.exe file to get started.

Bot connection to game accounts

Accounts can be added only when the bot is stopped. Click the link Add in the main program window to connect AltaBot with a new account (Picture 5).

Picture 5. AltaBot connection to a new account

Enter login and the password in the appeared window (Picture 6). Click the link Load active worlds to load a list of game worlds. Choose servers to which AltaBot shall be connected and click OK.

Picture 6. Choose of a game server

Added accounts will appear in the main program window (Picture 7).

Picture 7. The list of added game accounts

Program start

Note game accounts for which you want to start/stop the bot in the top table of a main window, and click the link Start/Stop AltaBot (Picture 8).

Picture 8. AltaBot start