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All in one
The application has a flexible, thoughtful interface with a powerful system of tooltips. It allows you to monitor the status of all connected accounts and respond to the changing game situation on real time. Accounts connected to different game servers can work simultaneously in one instance of the program. All game tasks are divided into three groups, each of which has its own special Manager.
Economy manager
Economy control in a game is so powerful, flexible and simple at the same time as never before. The principles and approaches in the economic unit are formed on the basis of experience and comments of advanced players from different countries of the world with absolutely different game models. We have selected only the best ideas and reached ideal balance between functionality and ease of use.
Defense manager
We have developed three types of defensive tasks that allow you to solve all the problems encountered in the game. A special watchdog module allows you to detect attacks on your habitats and create defensive bridges automatically. All connected accounts are defended together as a single system. The unique algorithm of units selection allows you to build rock-solid bridges that cannot break even the Vikings.
Attack manager
A well-thought-out interface allows you to flexibly plan fake and real attacks. A large variety of options will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding players. You can create massive attacks on multiple targets in just a few minutes. The application will automatically select units and resources, according to the specified parameters, and send them to the attack at a strictly scheduled time.
All game worlds
Support for all available game servers. Automatic detection of all world features. Correct calculation of units number in bridge tasks. Full support of worlds with regions.
Professional support
Unlimited number of requests for all users. Guaranteed processing of all requests within 24 hours. Detailed user manual in two languages: English and Russian. Quick fix release.
Pricing Options
Flexible pricing system allows to choose the most suitable tariff plan for each user. Special internal coins are used for payments.


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2 subscriptions / 90 days
Perfect for skilled players
20% discount
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Russian ruble
3 subscriptions / 180 days
Perfect for high skill players
47% discount
1€ ≈ 96₽

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