Refund Policy

January 14, 2019

The document defines the terms and refund procedure for the use of the software and services provided by the site and its subdomains (Site).

Refunds requests are accepted at


Subscription – license to use any software provided by the Site. The subscription is linked to the e-mail address of the game account and cannot be changed by the user. Operation of the software is possible only if you have a subscription.

Machine – pre-configured cloud servers, which are fully ready for round-the-clock operation of the bot.


Terms of refund are individual for each software product and service. The decision on the refund is made within 5 calendar days after the receipt of the relevant request from the user.


Refund for a subscription is made only for the unspent period. The refund condition is:

Absence of successful bot connections to the game server during the last 72 hours. The number of connection attempts is not less than 1000. Official clients of the game work without any problems.


Refund for a machine rent is made only for the unspent period. The refund condition is:

Server Uptime for the last 72 hours is 95% or less.

Refund procedure

The funds are returned to your account balance. An additional request is required to withdraw funds from the system. The processing time for withdrawal requests is 3 calendar days.

Policy change

We reserve the right to update or change our Refund Policy at any time and you should check this Refund Policy periodically.

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