Pre-configured cloud servers (machines), which are fully ready for round-the-clock operation of the application. Optimized machine configuration ensures maximum performance with multiple accounts running at the same time. Connect to servers from desktop computers (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) and mobile devices (Android, iOS) anywhere. Additional option is not included in the subscription price.
Mobile devices are supported.
Android and iOS.
Tablets are supported.
Android and iOS.
Desktop computers are supported.
Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
Machines specification
The machine configuration is designed by professional hardware virtualization engineers.
Its ideal for our products.

Intel Xeon E3-12XX V6

High-performance processors that runs at frequncy not less 3.70 GHz with automatic overclocking at peak loads.

Samsung EVO 860 SSD

High-speed solid-state drives provide the fastest possible operating system boot and application performance.

Windows Server 2016

Support a large set of Emoji. Automatic restart to install updates is blocked by special installed software.

Ready to work

All required applications are already installed. You can start working immediately.
Pricing Options
Specially designed tariff plans allow you to choose the ideal configuration for your tasks. The price is for the one month of rent. Subscriptions are purchased separately.


Russian ruble
Intel Xeon CPU E3-12XX v6
1 vCPU / 1 GB / 30+2 GB SSD
1-2 accounts
1€ ≈ 73₽


Russian ruble
Intel Xeon CPU E3-12XX v6
2 vCPU / 2 GB / 30+2 GB SSD
3-5 accounts
1€ ≈ 73₽


Russian ruble
Intel Xeon CPU E3-12XX v6
3 vCPU / 3 GB / 30+2 GB SSD
6-9 accounts
1€ ≈ 73₽


Russian ruble
Intel Xeon CPU E3-12XX v6
4 vCPU / 4 GB / 30+2 GB SSD
10-14 accounts
1€ ≈ 73₽


Russian ruble
Intel Xeon CPU E3-12XX v6
5 vCPU / 5 GB / 30+2 GB SSD
15-19 accounts
1€ ≈ 73₽


Russian ruble
Intel Xeon CPU E3-12XX v6
6 vCPU / 6 GB / 30+2 GB SSD
20+ accounts
1€ ≈ 73₽
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