Logs manager

Provides a convenient interface for quick search and review of journal records. Search it in the main application window (Picture 1):

Picture 1. Launching of logs manager

There are three journals in AltaBot:

  • History
    All performed operations (construction of buildings, research of sciences and etc.).
  • Notices
    Information messages from the system.
  • Errors

Record search

The search form allows you to find necessary journal records (Picture 2).

Picture 2. Searching form of journal records

The following search options are supported:

  • Email
    Account email.
  • Servers
    Game server.
  • Context search
    Search by Module and Description columns. It is enabling only if the field was filled out.
  • Sorting
    Sorting options of search results.

Records are searching in all three journals simultaneously. Use tabs at the top of the table to navigate through journals (Picture 3).

Picture 3. Navigation through journals

Journal cleaning

By default, all records are automatically deleted from journal after expiration of periods specified in General settings. If you want to make cleaning manually, select the Actions → Clear... in main menu of logs manager, and confirm action.

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