Application update

AltaBot has the built-in module of checking and loading updates. You do not have to worry that you can miss the release of new version by accident. AltaBot independently checks the existence of updates. If the newer version is available, the notification will appear at the bottom of application main window (Picture 1).

Picture 1. Notification of updates existence

Click on the notification for viewing the list of changes and further loading of new files. To start update, click OK in the opened window (Picture 2).

Picture 2. Information about changes in the new version

AltaBot will stop all processes and open the updates module (Picture 3). The new version will be launched automatically once the download.

Picture 3. Download updates

All current tasks and settings of AltaBot will be saved and transferred to the new version.

The correct work of updates system is possible only if AltaBot was launched with the administrator rights.

You can also independently check the existence of updates at any time. For this click the button Check updates at a toolbar of application main window (Picture 4).

Picture 4. Check of updates manually

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