Main window

Assignment of toolbar buttons (Picture 1):

Picture 1. Toolbar of main application window

You can find accounts which have been added in AltaBot in table at the top half of the main window (Picture 2). For more information about adding of new accounts, go to this link. The list of game accounts and the passwords can be changed only when the bot is stopped.

Picture 2. List of added accounts

Server Game server
Email Account email
Expiration Date of subscription expiration (local time)
Player Player’s name
Points Player’s rating
UA Quantity of habitats under attack
UD Quantity of unread personal and system messages
UR Quantity of unread reports
Error The last error in bot work

The accounts which are under attack will be highlighted in red. There are tabs with the last bot logs at the bottom of the window (Picture 3). You can see detailed information about working with logs in the section Logs manager.

Picture 3. Last logs

Time Event time
Server The game server where the event has happened
Email Account email
Module The module in which an event has happened
Description Event description
Your right hand in Empire management.
Additional services
Personal area